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Casting - Principal and Supporting Roles

Most of OTM's casting is done by referral.  Rather than depend upon what happens within a few moments in a tiny studio, we prefer to look at an artist's body of work.  We firmly believe that one's positive attitude and ability to work with others have a significant impact on the final results of an artistic product.  We view the typical audition process to be artificial and not necessarily indicative of what an artist can do on stage and how one relates to an audience. We prefer to view live performances (when practical). (Many of our artists have aided the company by participating in our frequent fundraising concerts). Alternatively, we will view video of a live performance. OTM's frequent free master classes also provide another venue in which to be heard. When submitting materials, in addition to a resume/headshot, it is helpful to include a list of arias/scenes/ensembles/roles you could have ready fairly quickly.  Please indicate if you would be willing to work as a member of the chorus. (We enjoy promoting our chorus members to roles whenever possible.) All artists will be paid for their work on full-length productions (minimum, travel expenses). Artists will NOT be charged for auditions or for serving our company with their musical talents.  (We do not prey upon desperate people with already low incomes!)

Send materials to and put CASTING in the subject line.

A FAQ regarding some of Opera Theatre of Montclair's unique policies:

Q: Does OTM charge its singers audition fees?
A: No, OTM considers audition expenses a part of the cost of doing business and never charges its singers fees. Further, OTM considers the practice of accepting audition fees without providing an audition to be unethical and fraudulent.

Q: Does OTM charge singers a fee to sing?
A: No. OTM is not a pay-to-sing company but a very small young professional opera company which is constantly seeking new ways to raise funds for its artists.

Q: Does OTM pay its artists?
A: Yes, OTM pays a small stipend to offset travel expenses for mainstage productions. It will also reimburse local travel expenses for concert and outreach performances if requested by the artist. Fundraisers are usually not paid but exceptions are sometimes made.

Q: Are the General Directors paid for their work?
A: No, at this time the General Director and Assistant General Director donate all their services in the interest of building the company.

Q: Are singers required to sell tickets in order to participate in productions?
A: No, there is no sales requirement in order to perform, although, of course, one hopes that the members of the cast will as a matter of course WANT to sell tickets.

Q: Are artists provided with any complimentary tickets?
A: Yes, each singer, staff and orchestra member will receive a minimum of two complimentary tickets for each mainstage production.

Q: Are artists required to provide any other kind of physical labor such as moving sets/costumes to/from warehouses, provide tech support, build/strike costumes/sets, etc.?
A: No. Any technical assistance by artists is provided on a completely voluntary basis and is deeply appreciated but never expected.

Q: Does OTM provide free coachings for singers?
A: Yes. In addition to providing coaching for mainstage productions and concerts, OTM is dedicated to supporting and building its artists' careers and will provide coachings and career guidance upon request.

Q: Does OTM provide free master classes?
A: At this time, OTM provides a free monthly master class due to the generosity of its teachers and devotion to furthering our artists' education. Additionally, from time to time, a fee-based performance class will be taught by guest master teachers.

Q: What are you looking for when casting?
A: OTM practices diverse casting without regard to race, sexual orientation or age. We seek artists who are collegial, with excellent vocal technique, dramatic ability, musicianship and diction.

Q: Do you produce educational outreach performances?
A: Yes, educational outreach is a major mission of OTM, and we take every opportunity to expose new audiences to the art form of opera.

Q: Under what circumstances may an artist be dismissed?
A: OTM strives for a warm, friendly, kind and supportive environment in the interest of creating better art. However, certain acts are cause for dismissal without warning. Artists must treat each other with respect at all times. No inappropriate displays of ego ("Diva/Divo" behavior) will be tolerated. Artists must be fully off-book at the designated time. 

Q: How can I learn more or volunteer my time?
A: You may contact Mia Riker-Norrie, Founding Director, .

Q: How can I make a donation?
A: OTM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization of The State of New Jersey. All donations are tax deductible. Visit to pay by credit card or send your check to 32 Cloverhill Place, Montclair, NJ 07042.